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Alishan Township Office, Chiayi County

Service:8:00am~5:00pm (Mon.~Fri.)

Address:69, Leye Village, Alishan Township, Chiayi County 60594, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Telephone number:+886-5-2562547 (extension # 213)

Fax number:+886-5-2562532



By Car:

Either From Kaohsiung northbound, or from Taipei southbound, by National Highway No.3 to Jhongpu Interchange, and change to Provincial Highway No.18 to reach our office or other scenic spots. 

By Public Transporation:
Via train (bus) to Chiayi, change to county bus or Chiayi Transport to reach our office or other scenic spots. 

Travel Hotline:
Chiayi County Bus +886-5-2243140
Chiayi Transport +886-5-2750895
Chiayi Transport Chung Shan Station +886-5-2223194
Kuo Kuang Transport, Chiayi County +886-5-2222491
Chiayi Train Station +886-5-2228904
Ali Mountain Train Station +886-5-2679833
Ali Mountain Railway North Station +886-5-2768094
Evergreen Airways +886-5-2862363